The Dreamwalkers of Larreta

tyro-ebook-onlyLarreta is being torn apart!

Time rifts are forming and swallowing everything in their path. If they continue, they could spread to Earth and create more chaos.

The Mentor of Larreta snatches Leo from Earth where he fled to escape his failures. Jesse, the newcomer, holds the secret to the origin of the rifts.  He swears he and Leo are old friends, but Leo can’t remember him and isn’t sure he wants to.

To save two worlds from destruction, Leo’s memories must surface so he and Jesse can create a vital passage through time and space. But can he face the pain of his past and form a bond of trust with Jesse before it is too late?

The Tyro (The Dreamwalkers of Larreta Book 1)  a fantasy adventure with a metaphysical flavor and a love story that spans centuries. Published by Ellysian Press.

The Tyro is also available in paperback: The Tyro (The Dreamwalkers of Larreta) (Volume 1)


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