Compass Rose Careers

Coaching for Life and Career Transition

Are you in transition?  Not sure about your next job?  Need to express yourself in new ways? Does your life need to be re-balanced? I am an experienced life transition and career coach who works with people of all backgrounds and occupations.


Career Services include:

  • Assessment and Career Choice
  • Resume and Marketing Materials
  • Conducting a Professional Job Search
  • Effective Interviewing

To explore new directions, call for a free phone consultation. In Albuquerque, 505-235-9753 or email me.


Coaching services are individually tailored, with no minimum number of sessions. $65/hour.

Resume Development

A targeted, professional resume is essential for a successful job search. My experience in developing winning resumes spans all career fields. I work with people in transition, new graduates, re-entrants, executives, managers, and technical professionals. Each resume is tailored to the client. I never use templates or boiler plate language.

The best resume focuses on skills, accomplishments, and results. Length depends on years of experience and how long you’ve spent in your field/company.

The first step is to send me a copy of your most recent document. I will review it and provide a free, no-obligation assessment of what needs to be added and improved. If you have never had a resume, we can meet in person or talk on the phone so I can get the information needed to develop your document.


Entry Level
0-2 years’ experience   

3-8 years’ experience    

Senior Level  
9+ years’ experience  


Cover letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and web text are priced according to length and complexity.